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Bion Plus covalently bonded mineral concentrate with silver is rapidly gaining worldwide attention for its amazing wellness properties.

Bion Silver concentrate, now rebranded Bion Plus Silver, is produced through a unique patented process, which permanently bonds one atom of silver with a multitude of oxygen atoms. This covalently bonded silver mineral concentrate is then mixed with your choice of reverse osmosis or purified water to produce Bion Plus Bionaid for drinking. Covalently bonded silver mineral concentrate (although mistakenly compared to colloidal silver) is NOT a colloidal silver product.

Bion Plus molecules are so incredibly small they can gently penetrate the cell membrane complimenting nature’s ongoing nurturing function of the cell. The bioactive ratio of a Bion molecule compared to that of the "best" Colloidal Silver particle is without comparison. Bion molecules do not accumulate in the body and contains no additives, coloring or artificial flavoring. Bion Plus is not affected by temperature or sunlight, has an indefinite shelf life and will not spoil or lose its efficacy.

Bion Plus is designed to help you feel and generally perform better than ever before. The Bion molecules have been proven to assist the body in a variety of beneficial and remarkable ways including the removal of toxins built up in your system.


Bion Plus has been developed, studied and tested over a 25 year period in major universities, laboratories and on human subjects worldwide.

All studies and tests verify Bion Plus's efficacy.



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